2018-06-15 New Video Added: Strip Tease Lap Dance Handjob
What's not to love about a slutty stripper!? He's hired her for a private lap dance. She climbs on top of him, grinding her ass and pussy on his boxers covered cock, making him so hard. She whispers into his ear telling him what she really wants to do to him. He runs his hands over her tight, young body. She strips out of her bra and panties and gets down on her knees and jerks his cock. She wraps her soft hands around him and slides up and down his pole until he's ready to cum. He spits his jizz all over her perky all natural tits.

*The part of the stripper is played by Abby Marie*

2018-06-10 New Video Added: Bubble Gum Time
I'm wearing your favorite tiny bikini and I'm going to chew more bubble gum! I love the new watch you sent me! It's perfect with my tiny little bikini! I pop a big juicy pink piece of bubble gum into my mouth. Chew, Chew, Chew. I make it soft enough to blow bubbles with. Blow and POP! Don't you love the sound my gum makes as it pops? I add a second piece of chewing gum to my mouth. I want my bubbles to be bigger! I snap and pop my gum over and over. I show off my tiny little bikini as I chew, chew, chew. Do you want to see me chew and pop my gum up close? SNAP! POP! I add one more piece of bubble gum to my mouth. How big can I make my bubbles get now? With three pieces of gum in my mouth, my bubbles grow even larger! POP! I change positions several times throughout this video!

2018-05-22 Welcome Natalia Starr
www.NataliaStarr.com Beautiful Polish model Natalia Starr has been recruited into the VNA! You lucky members - you get all her content free now! Her camshows are on Tuesdays so be sure and check them out. Read her bio here! Click the thumb to go directly to her site, your VNA user/pass will work there also! We now have over 1 million photos and 17,500 videos between us! 
Natalia Starr

2018-04-27 New Video Added: Charlee Chase Breast Pumping
You've been asking for it, so here it is! My big tits are seemingly a bit bigger now that they are full of milk! Join me while I pump !!!

2018-04-06 New Video Added: Valentine's Day Wank
Lay back and relax while I give you something you love for Valentine's Day. Time for a holiday wank from yours truly! How do my soft, experienced hands feel wrapped around your cock as I stroke up and down your shaft and over your balls? I love feeling your cock grow harder in my hands as you begin to throb, desperately ready to cum, but I don't want you to get off too fast. I want you to enjoy it, so I take a moment to pull my massive tits out from my dress before stroking you until you squirt all over yourself, the bed and my hand. Happy Valentine's Day! (I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO ADD THIS!)

2018-04-03 FoxxedUp.com is now live for you!

www.FoxxedUp.com is now live for your viewing pleasure! Exotic babe Jenna Foxx has joined the VNA and you get all her content free as a VNA member! Her camshows are on Sundays so be sure and check out her shows. Read her bio here! Click the thumb to go directly to her site, your VNA user/pass will work there also! We now have over 1 million photos and 17,500 videos between us! 
Jenna Foxx Thumb

2018-03-23 New Video Added: Charlee's Purple Panties of the Day
If you follow me on Twitter @charlee_chase , then you probably know ALL about my #PantiesOfTheDay. If you don't, well, now you do! Today, I'm wearing my purple panties and they are up for grabs, but first, I have to make sure I really enjoy myself in them!

2018-03-18 New Video Added: Charlee's Party Balloons
Can you believe I hosted a party with NO ballooons? I was running so far behind I didn't have a chance to getting around to blowing them all up. Well, the party is over, but I still have balloons so may as well enjoy at least some of them myself before I start taking down all the rest of the decorations! I have a couple different kinds of 12 inch balloons. I have teal and pearlized teal as well as purple and pearlized purple as well. I blow them up with big, deep breaths, filling them quickly and tieing them off. Now what should I do with them? You know me! I'm going to pop them! I wonder if I'm strong enough to squeeze them with my arms and pop them!? Hmmmm this is fun. My nails are also so long I should definitely use them as well! POP!

2018-03-05 New Video Added: Busty In Purple
I love wearing tight shirts and lingerie where my nipples pop through the little holes! Today I'm wearing a purple top (barely!!!) and I can't wait to show off my big tits in and out of it!

2018-02-09 New Video Added: Charlee Chase Smoking
Busty MILF Charlee Chase is on the bed, wearing a purple and black dress and black heels. She lights up a cigarette and exposes her massive tits and pussy, slowly rubbing her breasts and her pussy with her fingers while she smokes. Watch her lips as she inhales and slowly blows the smoke out through her lips. She goes hands free smoking for a while to really enjoy her time masturbating. She wiggles her fingers over her swollen clit and fingers her soft sweet pussy, working herself into an explosive orgasm as she smokes her cigarette all the way down to the filter

2018-01-02 New Video Added: Maria Jade Gold Shiny Puffy Jacket Handjob
Maria Jade is a sexy petite insatiable blond who loves to please. She is wearing a shiny gold puffy jacket as she sits between Elijah on the couch. She lubes up his cock, talking dirty to him as she strokes his man meat in her soft, small, experienced hands.He touches and rubs her soft shiny smooth gold down coat while she wanks his penis giving him the full pleasure of her hands. She stops for a moment to pull on her faux fur hood, looking at him from beneath the rim as she works his cock over in her hands until he cums all over the sleeve of her coat!

2017-12-19 New Video Added: Bellah Dahl Bottom Pops Balloons
Meet Bellah Dahl. She is petite, thin, exotic and beautiful with an amazing, tight, sexy body with an adorable, infectious laugh. She is wearing a little tiny bra and panty set and she has several colorful 12 inch balloons already inflated surrounding her. She is extremely excited to be bottom popping some balloons for you today! This is one balloon bottom popping clip that is sure to please as Bellah works her way through her balloons, one by one, popping them with her tight, round, ebony ass! KABOOM!

2017-11-21 New Video Added: Arielle Aquinas Face Down Tickled
Sexy, fit, blond Arielle Aquinas is stripped down fully naked and strapped down spread eagle to the X-frame on the bed. Elijah tickle tortures her thin, tight body, from her upper back down to her upper thighs. He slowly works his way down, tickling her armpits, breasts, ribs, sides, butt, crack, back, pussy, asshole and inner thighs. He tickles around her bare privates and shaved pussy. Elijah tickles her body using only his fingers and fingernails and a bright blue feather. Arielle has never been tickled on her backside, and as it turns out, she's quite ticklish all over, especially on her ass, asshole and pussy! Elijah keeps her laughing and squirming, showing her no mercy. When he finds a good tickle spot, he exploits it. The viewer catches all the tickling action, her body and booty shaking and her facial expressions while she gets tickled.

2017-11-17 New Video Added: Passing Bellah's Class
You've been a bad boy. You know you're not going to pass Bellah's class unless you do some serious hard work or some serious extra credit. She offers you the choice and as usual, you take the easy way out, opting for extra credit. Bellah has the perfect plan to help you pass her class. She can give you something you need and you can give her something she needs. She's sitting on the bed in the hotel room she's secured far away from campus. She slowly removes her clothes and unzips your pants, pulling out your impressive cock and starts sucking it. Her warm wet mouth feels amazing wrapped around your cock as she slides her tongue and hot mouth up and down your shaft. She leaves your cock soaking wet, throbbing and ready for more as she lays back on the bed. You waste no time shoving your hard dick into her tight wet pussy, pounding her vagina, her natural pierced tits and eye glasses bouncing up and down as you ram her hard. She turns around so you can finish her off doggy style. Way to go stud. Keep this up and you just may have what it takes to pass Bellah's class!

2017-11-09 Feeling Kinky? Kink305 now live!
90 more videos for you VNA members to enjoy! Brand new site www.kink305.com just went live! Featuring all the sexy dirty models in the 305 area code! Oh yeah! Some like it hot! Real hot and kinky! Your user/pass will work directly on this site, or just go to it through the bonus sites page inside this site's member's area! Enjoy! 
Kink305 is now live!

2017-11-08 New Video Added: Naughty Fishnet Smoker
Busty blond MILF Charlee Chase is ready for a cigarette. Get yourself comfortable because she is one HOT smoker! She's already wearing a sexy crotchless fishnet outfit with a black skirt and she is ready to relax. She lights up her cigarette taking long deep drags before blowing out her smoke. She runs her hands down to her shaved pussy and rubs her clit while she smokes. She slides in a finger too, finger fucking herself while she smokes her cigarette all the way down to the filter! Enjoy lots of dirty talking in this sexy smoking clip!

2017-10-16 New Video Added: Play With My Big Tits
The best part about having bit tits is knowing that you want to play with them. I know you want to touch them, squeeze them, jiggle them around in your hands, suck my nipples and slide your cock between them. Today I'm going to let you play with them, a little. Another day I'll let you have even more fun with them. Look at my cleavage in my bra. I'm practically bursting out of it and there is nothing I can do about it. You reach out and touch me, rubbing and squeezing my big breasts and eventually pulling down my bra, fully exposing my huge tits. You tickle and tease my nipples with your man hands. You squirt on some lotion and massage it in. I know there's so much more you want to do with them!

2017-10-06 New Video Added: Charlee Fucked & Foot Tickled
Sexy busty MILF Charlee Chase is on the bed, completely nude and ready for a good fuck. She has a leather harness behind her neck that is attached to cuffs around her thighs, bringing her legs up for easy access to her freshly shaved pussy that only bears a small triangle of hair above her clit. Elijah joins her and asks what she thinks of the new bondage device she put herself in. "So far, so good. It's interesting", she says. He slaps her eager wet pink pussy making her not only really wet, but also causing her to jump and gasp because she's already sensitive. He moves over beside her, slapping her mouth with his hard cock, then grabbing her hair and shoving his man meat deep into her mouth, in and out as she sucks his cock hard. He squeezes her massive tits and slaps at her clit some more while face fucking her. He slaps her big nipples with his penis then moves to her glistening twat. Charlee wants his cock so badly. What she doesn't expect is when he starts fucking her just how she wants it, he tickles her big beautiful bare feet! He pushes her legs up even higher in their bondage device, thrusting in and out as she's moans and groans in pleasure and laughs hysterically. Charlee of course is incredibly ticklish and terribly conflicted, so as hes fucking her he tickles her long, slender, beautiful feet with his fingers, which has her laughing and screaming in excitement and incredibly turned on. Despite the tickle torture, she's really getting into it and insists that he keep banging her.. He continues to fuck her pussy and tickle her feet at the same time, giving her conflicting sensations, but she's loving it! He tickle tortures her soles, arches, heels and sides of her feet. He tickles underneath and in between her toes, which drives her crazy. The tickling is enhancing her sexual experience! He asks where she wants him to cum and she says she wants it on her face! He gives her just what she wants! This is a rare clip combining intercourse with tickling, ecstasy with agony and erotica with tickle torture.

2017-09-26 New Video Added: Savannah's Perfect Feet
Meet sexy MILF Savannah Costello. She is sitting on the bed, barefoot, wearing jeans and a long sleeve black button down shirt. She is excited to show off her perfectly pedicured, soft perfect pink feet. She has long, slender feet, beautiful sole wrinkles, a very wide toe spread and incredibly long big toes. She rubs her feet together and scrunches them downward, giving you perfect glimpses of her fresh pedicured shiny red toenails. Savannah turns around, laying on her tummy, giving you a completely different view of her beautiful feet! She takes very good care of her feet and it shows. Enjoy close ups of Savannah's gorgeous soles!

2017-09-22 New Video Added: Jenny Balloon Blow to Pop Handjob
Meet incredibly sexy Jenny Jett. She joins us here for the first time ever at Charlee's Adventures. Jenny is a complete and total knock out. She is super sexy and she is fabulous with balloons and handling a cock. She has a few 12 inch balloons she's going to blow to pop while she strokes your cock with her soft slender hands. Get ready for a balloon blow to pop handjob like no other as Jenny takes you on a ride with her balloons as she wanks your man meat, teasing you so hard yet it feels so good. Jenny is sure to get your cock hard, keep it hard and have you cumming back for more! Special SLOW MOTION CUMSHOT after the original!

2017-09-19 New Video Added: Abby Tickled While Forced to Orgasm
Meet Abby Marie! This young, thin, sexy, tall & barely legal coed is bound with her arms and feet stretched and cuffed to the bondage table completely naked. Her tight, flat and toned body perfectly exposed for what Charlee has in store for her. She turns on the magic wand vibrator and places it against Abby's pussy. She immediately begins laughing and squirming all around. This gives Charlee an idea. Since Abby is hyper ticklish to the touch of the vibrator, she begins by placing it on her upper body, tickling her breasts and armpits and Abby is sent into hysterical laughter. Charlee works the vibrator back down to Abby's beautiful shaved pussy and places it directly on her clit. Abby has conflicting sensations as she finds it both ticklish as well as erotic. Charlee loves making Abby squirm so she tickles her WHILE forcing her to orgasm, giving her some breaks to concentrate on her orgasm. Once Abby cums, Charlee continues pressing the wand to her sensitive, ticklish pussy, which is doubly ticklish now that she has had an orgasm! She finishes her off by using her fingers and long purple polished fingernails to tickle all over her victims naked sensitive bound body. She digs into and squeezes her upper thighs, runs her wiggly fingers up her swollen, sensitive pussy and over her clit, she tickles her pubic bone, abdomen, sides, ribs, belly, belly button, breasts, nipples and armpits as Abby suffers in laughter until Charlee is finished with her.

2017-09-18 Cristi Ann Live is up and running for you!

I think we have lost track of how many bonus sites you now get as a VNA member! Maybe you can tell us? lol... Cristi Ann was born Miami, Florida on April 10,1992, a spicy mix of Cuban and Vietnamese; that's why she is so beautiful! She is the bubbly-blonde girl next door with a secret passion for kink! Standing 5' 2" tall with measurements 34D-27-37 (yes, she got that Latin booty!) She burst onto the porn scene in 2015, fresh-faced and down for pretty much anything!!! Check out her site - she has uploaded 48 videos already and more on the way! 

Cristi Ann Live

2017-09-15 New Video Added: Banging The Babysitter
You've gone out for a night on the town, leaving your babysitter home well past when you said you'd be back. She is NOT pleased. She had a dick date and since you decided to stroll in hours past when she expected you, it's too late for her hook up. You are going to pay the price. She comes closer and closer to you. She unzips your pants, pulls out your impressive cock and starts sucking it. Her young wet mouth feels amazing wrapped around your man meat as she slides her tongue and hot mouth up and down your shaft. She leaves your cock soaking wet, throbbing and ready for more as she backs up and slowly unbuttons her white shirt. You can see she is wearing no panties beneath her bright blue skirt which makes you want her even more. She lays back on the bed and demands you fuck her and fuck her good. You waste no time shoving your hard dick into her tight wet pink pussy, pounding her vagina, her natural tits and blond hair bouncing up and down as you ram her hard. She turns around so you can finish her off doggy style."Do you fuck your wife like this?", she asks you just before you cum hard and deep inside her tight young pussy. If you thought she was annoyed about you coming home late and making her miss her dick date, you've not seen anything yet. You KNEW better than to cum INSIDE her. She threatens to tell your wife. You'd better grab your wallet because a serious pay raise needs to happen right now!

2017-09-15 New Video Added: Charlee's Massage Parlor - Ricky Squirts
Welcome to Charlee's Massage Parlor. Ricky Evers is new in town and has heard good things about my massage parlor, so he booked his first appointment. Ricky is an average height, attractive, fit man who wants to relieve some tension and I'm more than happy to help him out. I begin by rubbing down his upper body with my relaxing scented lotion. His body feels to nice to touch. I pay special attention to his neck and shoulders as he's made a note they are sore from working out. I work my way down to his stomach and abs, caressing him all over. Now it's time for the true stress relief! I use a different oil to help relax this part of his body. I rub and squeeze his penis and massage his nuts and let him know I'm going to work him until all the stress is gone. As I gently press and stroke his cock, the harder it grows until he's ready to shoot his load. He squirtsa all over my hand and himself, every drop of his built up stress worked out of him. I have a feeling I'll be seeing Ricky again.

2017-09-12 New Video Added: Camille Pops Balloons
Camille Black is a young, sexy, tattooed female who LOVES balloons! She's wearing a bra and panties, sitting on the bed, surrounded by already inflated 12 inch colorful balloons. She picks up the pink balloon, her favorite color, and plays with it, squeezing it tightly in her hands but not popping it, just yet. She decides to save her favorite balloon for last. She goes through her light colored balloons, one by one, digging her black manicured fingernails deep into them until they burst! POW!

2017-09-04 New Video Added: Lucky Day Tit Fuck
"I know you've been fantasizing about fucking my big tits. Sliding your big, hard cock right there between my cleavage. Well, I think today is your lucky day!" Let's lube up your cock and my tits with some oil then slide your dick in between my mammoth mammaries and let's have some fun! Don't be shy, give them a squeeze with your man hands as you fuck them until you cum all over my boobs and nipples!

2017-08-28 BlownByRone.com is now Live!
www.BlownByRone.com is now live for you! Check it out, all included in your VNA membership, bringing the total to 36 sites including the live cams and cam archives! Sexy little Samantha has already been in over 250 videos and is decorated with AVN and XBiz nominations! Click on her site to see why! Go through the front door with your VNA user/pass or click through from the bonus sites page in the member's area of this site! Let us know what you think of this new addition! 
BlownByRone.com now part of the VNA

2017-08-05 New Video Added: Handjob With Pearls
Of course you've heard of a handjob ending in a pearl necklace, but what about a handjob given USING a pearl necklace? That is exactly what I'm going to do today! Let's get all lubed up and slide my pearls around your cock. I use not only my hands but also my necklace wrapped around your penis to bring you to orgasm. What a different feeling this is! Sit back and relax while I jerk your hard cock with my hands and pearl necklace until you can't hold back any longer and cum all over!

2017-07-25 New Video Added: Pantyhose Smoking Orgasm
It's been a while since we've smoked together. Today, I wanted to combine something I really love, pantyhose, with smoking which I know you love as well. Pull your cock out for me, let's get off together! I rub my Hitachi vibrator over my pantyhose covered pussy, which feels incredible. The soft, silky fabric makes the vibrations feel all that much better! I smoke my cigarette down to the filter, taking long deep drags, and filling the room with my smoke as I bring myself (and hopefully you as well) to orgasm!

2017-07-18 New Video Added: Krissy Koven Washes Her Hair
Join super sexy Krissy Koven as she washes her hair in the tub. She is wearing a tiny bikini, that shows off her perfect tight fit body in all the right ways. Krissy doesn't have the conventional girl next door look, she has a very distinctive look, that I'm certain will leave you wanting more. She lays back in the tub, wetting down her short blond,pink and blue hair. After leaning back in the tub a couple times, making sure her hair is thoroughly saturated with water, she is ready to begin washing it. A handful of shampoo should do the trick. She uses her fingers and long fingernails to work the shampoo into a thick white lather before she is ready to rinse and repeat!

2017-07-14 New Video Added: Cum Fuck Me In My Red Puffy Jacket
I'm wearing mt sexy red North Face down jacket, my cleavage coming out in the front. You're laying on the bed in front of me as I lube up your cock and stroke you with my soft hands, keeping your cock hard and wet. I can see and feel how much you enjoy when I play with your cock while I'm wearing my puffy jackets. I unzip the jacket a bit more, pulling my massive DD tits out from inside the warm confines of my soft puffy coat. I want more, so I tell you to slide on a condom and fuck me! You fuck me doggy style until you can't hold back any longer and shoot your covered load deeo inside my pussy!

2017-07-09 Nina Kayy now part of the VNA Network!

Effective immediately - curvy blonde bombshell from Serbia NinaKayy.com is part of your VNA package! Always expanding for you! Now over 30 websites! Just go to the "bonus sites" page inside any VNA site and click the site you want to explore. You don't ever have  to re-enter a user/pass ever again! 

2017-07-08 New Video Added: Charlee's Assjob

I've always wondered what it would feel like to have a cock rubbing between my ass cheeks until it spurts cum all over my ass and asshole. I found it quite surprisingly erotic, as with every thrust of his cock sliding between my big butt cheeks, his balls would slap up against my pussy, stimulating my clit. Oh my! This is actually VERY exciting and I'm looking forward to doing it again!

2017-06-30 New Video Added: Forced Foot Sniffing Handjob

"You tie your boyfriend up to the bed and get him all excited because he's about to get a really kinky handjob. While being tied up he then learns that he is being tied up because if he wants to get this handjob, he is going to have to endure the torture of sniffing between all of your bare smelly stinky toes. This is pure torture for him, and you love it. You remind him that if he wants to have an orgasm, he has to be willing to take the aroma from your toes. After continuous foot smelling torture and taunting him, but still giving him a great handjob, you bring him to an explosive orgasm.  At that point, you add further torture as you start rubbing the sensitive head continuously.  You do this until you think he can't possibly take it anymore and then you can offer him a choice......He can choose to either keep smelling your stinky feet, or he can keep taking the post orgasm torture.  He chooses the feet, and you make him smell inside your pinky toe (the sweatiest part of the foot) until he falls asleep.

2017-06-27 New Video Added: Please Stop Tickling My Feet
Nora Doll is sitting on the love seat with her ankles bound together with rope and tied to a chair. She's wearing grey jeans, a long sleeve flannel and flip flops. Charlee begins by removing one of her flip flops. She uses her fingers and fingernails to lightly tickle Nora's naked foot. Nora does not like being tickled! Charlee doesn't care. She continues tickling her exposed foot while removing her other flip flop. Now both soles are exposed for Charlee to exploit. Charlee tickles up and down her bard soles, over her heels, her arches, the ball of her foot, under her toes, between her toes, on top of her toes. Charlee shows no mercy as she wiggles her fingers all over Nora's bare feet, no matter her expression. Nora tries kicking her feet free from the tickle torture, but Charlee grabs her by her toes and holds her feet together and tickles her some more. She next uses the electric toothbrush, turning it on and gliding it all over Nora's beautiful feet. She finishes her off by using her fingers and fingernails again until Nora simply cannot take any more tickle torture. Nora is a gorgeous young petite spinner who may not like to get tickled, but she's going to tickled anyway!

2017-06-15 New Video Added: Charlee's Queening Chair - Pussy Licking Slave Denied
I have a brand new chair. A chair fit for a Queen one could say. My slave is already in his place before I join him, with his head directly under my seat. Two slats of fabric is all the holds me up as I take a seat on my throne, crushing my slaves face with my wet pussy. He knows his job as he opens his mouth, sticks out his tongue and licks my pussy and sucks my clit. I tell him to jerk his cock for me, but frankly, I don't want him to cum so I reach down myself and tease his throbbing hard cock with my hands now and then. I can see how excited he is just from licking my pussy as I watch his cock jumping up and down in anticipation. I ride his face while he laps up my juices. His jumping cock is almost too much fun to watch. I decide to give him a special treat for being such a good little slave boy. I bring myself up off his face, just a little, and position myself slightly differently for a moment so he can lick my asshole. I know how much he longs to take my ass so I give him a chance to do so for a moment. I set my pussy back down on his face, give his cock another few jerks and squeezes as he licks my pussy until I cum all over his face. When I finish my orgasm, I get up and walk away, leaving my slave where he belongs.

2017-06-12 New Video Added: Trying Out My New Purple Toy
The best part about getting a new toy, is trying it out! Not knowing what to expect until it's used is exciting. Sometimes it is a let down, but in this particular case, it is not! Join me as I try out my new purple bullet vibrator and cum all over it!

2017-06-08 New Video Added: Hailey Puffy Jacket Handjob
Incredibly sexy Hailey Harper is between your legs, wearing only a soft, black Moncler puffy jacket. She lubes up your cock and strokes your penis with her small soft hands. Up and down your shaft. Over your balls. Her hands feel as soft and warm as the coat she is wearing. She unzips her jacket, exposing her big natural tits and large nipples. She wraps her hands around your cock again and wanks your man meat, her big breasts bouncing with each movement of her hands. Hailey works your cock in her hands until you can't hold back any longer and squirt your jizz all over yourself and her jacket. Hailey may be quiet, but her beautiful blue eyes looking up at you say it all!

2017-06-01 New Video Added: Anastasia Hairwashing Handjob
Anastasia Rose is a sexy, sultry brunette. She is naked in the bathtub on her knees with Andrew standing in front of her. She leans forward, fully submerging her entire head under the water several times as she thoroughly saturates her gorgeous long brown hair with water. When she comes up out of the water, Andrew pours shampoo over her and begins to massage it all throughout her soaking wet hair. While he shampoos her, Anastasia reaches out and grabs his dick, running her soft smooth hands up and down his cock and balls. The more suds he makes by washing her hair, the more turned on she becomes, wanking his cock harder and faster. he pours a cup full of water over her hair and continues massaging in the soapy sudsy bubbles of shampoo still in her hair while she works his cock over. To finish him off she suggests he cum in her hair, so he grabs her wet soapy hair, slides his cock inside and cums with her hair wrapped around his cock!

2017-05-30 New Video Added: Shhh Tickling His Sleepy Feet
Charlee has just gotten out of the shower when she walks into the bedroom and sees Elijah fast asleep. There are men working on a roof outside yet he's sleeping through all the noise. This seems like a perfect opportunity to take advantage of him while he sleeps. Charlee loves tickling and she loves Elijah's feet. This could be fun, or this could land her in trouble. Either way, she's willing to give it a shot. She is holding the camera as she reaches out and tickles his bare feet with her long fingernails, whispering to you here and there throughout. She's very careful to touch him lightly, afraid of waking him. He can get very cranky when he is woken up. His feet start to twitch and flex with her soft, light tickles. Charlee decides to switch to a feather instead of her long fingernails. She slides the feather up and down his bare soles, under and in between his toes and over his heels. He can feel the light tickles while he sleeps as he jerks his feet away from the ticklish sensations now and then. Charlee goes back to using her fingernails, running them up and down his soles. She doesn't want to get caught, so she back away and lets him continue sleeping.

2017-05-29 New Video Added: Squirting In My Shiny Purple Spandex Leggings
I received these super tight, super sexy shiny purple spandex leggings from my Amazon Wishlist. Do you love them as much as I do? I feel so naughty wearing them without panties, the soft fabric rubbing up against my pussy. I wonder if I could be fucked THROUGH my spandex pants? I will have to give that a try and see! I bet just rubbing up against my pussy on the outside of these soft shiny pants would be enough to make you squirt your load all over my pussy. For now, I'm going to turn on my Hitachi magic wand vibrator and bring myself to orgasm, the vibrations pulsing through the fabric, turning me on more and more until I SQUIRT right through my spandex leggings! What a beautiful wet mess!

2017-05-25 New Video Added: Nora Doll Dunking Hair Washer
Meet Nora Doll. She's an absolutely adorable, tight bodied spinner who loves washing her hair. Join her as she's naked in the bathtub ready to wash her soft, silky shoulder length brown hair. She leans forward, dunking her head down into the water and back up again. She flips her hair back and water runs all down her face. She pours some shampoo into her hands and massages it throughout her hair. Nora looks up at you with her big brown eyes and she smiles and giggles throughout her hair wash. She has a LOT of fun washing her hair! She leans forward to rinse, dunking her head forward, fully submerging her entire head as she rinses away the shampoo. Time to repeat! Now Nora is really ready to have some fun! Watch as she works her hair into a sudsy lather then uses some of the suds to give herself a lather beard. One final rinse and Nora is ready to lay back and relax!

2017-05-23 New Video Added: Hailey Harper Foot Tickled in Jeans
Hailey Harper is a young, curvy, barely legal, coed. She is wearing jeans and a green top. Her tits are pulled out, exposing her pierced nipples. Her beautiful pink bare feet and little toes are in perfect position for some tickling! She's bound to the recliner with her ankles tied together to the chair. Charlee begins showing that her hand is the same size as Hailey's foot! She uses her fingers and fingernails to slowly and methodically tickle all over her ticklish tootsies. Besides her fingers, Charlee also uses a wide tooth comb! Charlee glides her fingers and the comb back and forth against her arches, heels and sides of her feet. She uses them to tickle underneath and in between her toes. As Hailey squirms around, her all natural breasts are wiggling and jiggling all around. Hailey isn't the most vocal victim ever, as she holds back her laughter with a huge grin on her beautiful face.

2017-05-20 New Video Added: I Heard You Have An Ass Fetish
I heard you have an ASS fetish. Is this true? I love swaying my ass from side to side, teasing you and tempting you. I know how badly you want to reach out and touch my big ass. Do you like this sexy little crotchless bodystocking I'm wearing? It gives you perfect access to my pussy, ass and asshole. I spread my cheeks, showing off my asshole. Ohhhh you want to lick it don't you? What about sliding a finger inside? I bet you want to shove your cock deep into my ass don't you? Keep thinking about what you want to do to me and my ass while I slide my finger over my asshole while I spread my cheeks wide!

2017-05-18 New Video Added: Charlee's Funky Feet
I'm wearing my super sexy black, specialty pantyhose under my blue dress today. I bought these so long ago but hadn't had a chance to put them on until today. They feel fantastic! I'm sitting on the bed with my legs stretched out over the end of the foot board, my big feet right in your face. I crack my toes. Oooohhhh that feels so good! Do you like my blue sparkly toenail polish? I slowly move my feet around, rubbing them up and down one another, turning them inward to show off my arches and sole wrinkles. I slowly remove my pantyhose and I grab my lotion and pour a handful of it into my hands and massage it into my feet. Everything is better when it's wetter! I love the way my feet feel when I lotion them up. They are so soft and smooth and silky. I slide my fingers in and out between my toes. I continue playing with my big sexy feet, rubbing them up and down each other while I talk to you. Love big feet? What about funky stockings? You won't want to miss this!

2017-05-16 New Video Added: James First Time Foot Tickle
Meet James. This is his first time ever being on camera and his first time getting his big sexy feet tickled. Charlee has bound his wrists to the recliner and his feet together at the ankles so they are outstretched in front of him. He admits he's extremely nervous, as he should be. Charlee can be a very wicked tickler. She learns quickly what gets James going and exploits it, using her fingers to tickle up and down his big bare soles, over his heels, into his arches, under and in between his toes. Next, she uses an electric toothbrush, leaving it off at first then turning it on to gauge his reactions before finishing him off with her fingers. James has very ticklish feet and Charlee is excited to soon find out what else may be ticklish on him! Who knows!? YOU COULD BE NEXT!

2017-05-13 New Video Added: Charlee Chase Purple Puffy jacket
It's been quite some time since I've dressed up in my purple North Face puffy jacket to have some afternoon fun! I have Elijah lounging on the love seat for a little afternoon delight. I lube up his cock and stroke him with my soft hands, keeping his cock hard and wet. I even tease him with my jacket by beating his meat up against my soft puffy jacket sleeve. I can see and feel how much he enjoys when I play with his cock while I'm wearing my down jackets. He even reaches out and rubs my coat from time to time. I don't want him to finish just yet. I want more, so I climb on top of him and ride his cock while he plays with my big tits as I grind on his cock. I know he won't last long with my tight wet pussy wrapped around his man meat, so we change positions so he can finish from behind. He fucks me doggy style until he can't hold back any longer and shoots his load all over the back of my jacket, leaving a big wet sticky mess all over it!

2017-05-11 New Video Added: Sully Savage Dunking Hair Washer
Sexy Sully Savage is naked in the bathtub. She runs her fingers and long fingernails through her shoulder length brown hair. She leans forward, dunking her entire head fully under the water, holding her breath as she soaks her hair, repeating until she feels her hair is ready to be washed. Sully pours a handful of shampoo into her hands and slowly massages it throughout her hair. She looks at you, knowing you are watching her, as she works her hair into a bubbly lather. She leans forward again to rinse, holding her breath and blowing bubbles as she keeps her entire head fully submerged under the water as she rinses. Time to repeat! Soapy suds run down her perky all natural tits and perky nipples as she washes her hair while you watch. What a sexy girl Sully is when she's soaking wet! She finishes by rinsing one final time and running her fingers through her freshly clean hair.

2017-05-09 New Video Added: Nora Doll Upper Body Tickle
Nora Doll is a gorgeous young petite spinner. Charlee Chase has her bound to a chair with her wrists tied with rope and secured over the back of the chair so she has easy access to her underarms. Her feet are tied in front of her. Nora is wearing nothing but a pair of bright blue panties. Charlee wastes no time putting her hands all over Nora's thin sexy upper body. She wiggles her fingers deep inside Nora's armpits, runs her fingers down her sensitive arms, her neck, her sides and her tiny perky tits. She digs deep into her and uses light wiggly fingers leaving no spot on her upper body untouched. Nora has a very unique reaction to being tickled !

2017-05-05 New Video Added: Charlee's Massage Parlor - Kai Cums
Welcome to Charlee's Massage Parlor. Kai is in town and has heard good things about my massage parlor, so he booked his first appointment. Kai is a tall, attractive, fit, tattooed athletic man who wants to relieve some tension and I'm more than happy to help him out. I begin by rubbing down his upper body with my relaxing scented lotion. His body feels to nice to touch. I pay special attention to his neck and shoulders as he's made a note they are sore on his paperwork. I work my way down to his stomach and six pack abs, caressing him all over. Now it's time for the true stress relief! I use a different oil to help relax this part of his body. I rub and squeeze his penis and massage his nuts and let him know I'm going to work him until all the stress is gone. As I gently press and stroke his cock, the harder it grows until he's ready to shoot his load. He cums all over my hand and himself, every drop of his built up stress worked out of him. I definitely hope he keeps my massage parlor in mind the next time he is in town!