Welcome to my official website! My name is Charlee Chase. I was born on April 26, 1977. I am a pornstar, fetish model and producer located in Central Florida. I was born in Delaware and spent much of my youth moving from place to place. I began modeling at a very young age starting with local town pageants and as I got a little older, I attended Barbizon Modeling School. From there, I began doing mannequin modeling for several department and swimsuit stores in Maryland and Delaware.

Once I turned 19, I moved here to the Sunshine State and started dancing at a local bikini bar, Personalities. I then was offered a position in my first adult photo set and video. I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to persue. I love being in front of the camera, posing , masturbating, kissing, licking, sucking, fucking, and performing fetishes for you! I also attend many conventions so I have the opportunity to get out and meet my fans in person.

Now, I am a full time model/actress/producer and have been published in numerous Men's magazines. I can be found on hundreds of websites as well as on many boxcovers, posters, calendars, and more. I enjoy all aspects of the modeling world from casual up to hardcore XXX adult and fetishes of many kinds.

Some of the fetishes I do on a regular basis are tickling, wrestling, balloons, sprains, puffy jacket, hair washing, ear fetish, bondage, underwater, feet, legs, hose, heels, wet and messy, bodypainting, smoking, and more! This is only the beginning! Of course we can't forget about porn! I am actively masturbating with and without toys, kissing and licking pussy in some girl on girl, handjobs, sucking and fucking! Again, this is only the beginning! Feel free to check out my Clips to see some of the scenes I have produced.

This website is run, maintained and updated be me and only me. No "manager" or any other type of person has access to the inside workings of my website. When you send email, I'm the only one who reads them and the responses will come directly from me, so don't be shy! I'd love to hear from you!

P.S. I am a true "Milf. I'm not just aged and therefore considered a milf. I am an actual mom (of FOUR amazing kiddos) ... so I'm not perfect. I have some skin flaws from pregnancy, (though I'm very comfortable with my body and I think I could look MUCH worse!) I've got some jiggle to my walk and some bounce to my step so if you're looking for a wafer thin 20 year old with a body as hard as a rock, you should probably turn back and look elsewhere. If you're into a 30 something, busty blond nympho that loves to please and is comfortable in her skin though it may not be as perfect as when she was 18, then I'm ready and waiting for you!

Charlee Chase

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